Humanity is at a crossroads. In order to find order in this chaos, and face unprecedented challenges, immediate and conscious decisions are needed.

The future is now. Technological research and data are the only guiding tools to solve uncertainty and complexity towards a sustainable tomorrow.


We are a workshop of ideas and digital innovations inspired by a new humanism.

We study new technological paradigms in order to translate them into operational tools that reduce complexity and guide towards conscious decisions.


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View Value 1.0

Cloud platform that allows an immediate economic and financial analysis explained in non-technical terms, with a simple upload of any accounting situation originated by national accounting softwares.


Luna Decision® 8.5

Integrated platform for Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management based on a new generation database, inspired by the molecular lattice of crystals.


Codename: "Glasgow"

Integrated platform of Corporate Performance Management aimed at achieving Environment, Social and Governance objectives in addition to the vital economic and financial objectives. The platform was born from the collaboration of three organizations, each with over 25 years of specialized experience: Hicare Research, Trivio-Quadrivio, PK consulting.


View Value Premium

Cloud platform, evolution of View Value 1.0, which will allow more in-depth economic and financial analysis. Compared to the previous version it will allow invoice and cash flow analysis.


Luna Decision® 9.0

Integrated platform for Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. It will contain a unified interface for charts.


Codename: "Toronto"

Cloud platform that, by embedding machine learning capabilities within traditional Business Intelligence tools, will enable increased speed of analysis, optimize processes and predict future events.


The No-SQL database inspired by the molecular structure of crystals, the heart of every Hicare Research application.

A very special heart beats in the new Luna Decision® platform: the HCR® engine, an environment that simultaneously combines the three hierarchical, multidimensional and relational worlds, able to manage in full autonomy the entire information chain, from the collection of corporate databases, to simulation, to the representation of results with total web sharing.



Explore Luna's graphs and navigate data through the multidimensional structure of the HCR® database.


Our Team

We are young and passionate.

We have different backgrounds and interests, but we share the same passion for data.