Degree in Economics and Commerce with a passion for computer science and technology.
Hicare has allowed me, today, to combine three elements of IKIGAI: Passion, Profession and Vocation.
Enslaving data science to the quest for balance between Environment, Social and Governance would crown the fourth, and final, element: the Mission.
But it's a goal, the latter, only achievable as a team.

Massimiliano Cavallo
Co-founder / BI Specialist
Piero Arfinengo
Co-founder / Full Stack Dev.
Mauro Accornero

Degree in Medical Biotechnology and two Master's degrees, in Data Analysis and Full Stack Development.
Lifelong lover of puzzles and logic quizzes, I've made it a profession by mixing programming with the information searching in data.
I love De Andrè's poetics and Christopher Nolan's visionary realism.

Marco Disabato
BI Analyst / Full Stack developer

I am driven by curiosity.
I apply my knowledge of theoretical physicist in the development of algorithms and new data analysis solutions.
Programming for me is like a game: an endless series of puzzles to solve.
I seek adventure, both in the mountains and during travels. I love travelling, diving into other cultures and learning from the diversity.

Davide Marietti
Full Stack Dev. / Data Scientist

I am graduated in Philosophy and I'm particularly interested in the studies of Digital Humanities.
My journey in the world of data started from the Text Analysis and continued through a Master in Data Science.
I always try to act using a critical thinking. My passions are history and social themes.

Sara Garzone
BI analyst / Data Scientist