Degree in Economics and Commerce with a passion for computer science and technology.
Hicare has allowed me, today, to combine three elements of IKIGAI: Passion, Profession and Vocation.
Enslaving data science to the quest for balance between Environment, Social and Governance would crown the fourth, and final, element: the Mission.
But it's a goal, the latter, only achievable as a team.

Massimiliano Cavallo
Co-founder/ BI Specialist
Piero Arfinengo
Co-founder/Full Stack developer
Mauro Accornero

Degree in Medical Biotechnology and two Master's degrees, in Data Analysis and Full Stack Development.
Lifelong lover of puzzles and logic quizzes, I've made it a profession by mixing programming with the information searching in data.
I love De Andrè's poetics and Christopher Nolan's visionary realism.

Marco Disabato
BI Analyst/Full Stack developer

I'm driven by curiosity.
I apply my knowledge of theoretical physics in the development of algorithms and new data analysis solutions.
Programming for me is like a game, an endless series of puzzles to solve.
I seek adventure, both in the mountains and in travel. I love immersing myself in different cultures and enriching myself with the diversity I encounter.

Davide Marietti
AI Analyst/Data Scientist

Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Master in Data Analysis.
I'm fascinated by the potential of BI and AI in guiding decisions even in the face of apparently insurmountable issues.
I believe that in life, as in volleyball, one of my passions, when faced with adversities too strong to be dealt with in the conventional way, you can use your head and play a "block-out".

Rossella Peluso
AI analyst/Front end developer

Degree in Biology and specialized in Bioinformatics.
Fascinated by the world of data and driven by both curiosity and desire for knowledge of the most current analysis techniques,
I decided to enrich my background with a Master in Data Analysis.
I am passionate about computer science and TV series.

Fabiana Pittalis
BI analyst/Front end developer