• What is View Value?

    It is a web application that provides a detailed, timely and up-to-date analysis of a company's financial statements, allowing to keep under control the economic and financial performance. The aim is to facilitate the interpretation of company information and consequently to guide the decision-making process.

  • Who is View Value aimed at?

    View Value is aimed both at small and medium-sized companies, strongly affected by the period of crisis, and at any decision-maker who wants to correctly interpret the information contained in a company's financial statements, despite the fact that they do not properly belong to his expertise.

  • How is View Value made?

    The intuitive graphical interface of View Value, which exploits the potential offered by the platform Luna Decision, allows the immediate insertion of accounting situations and returns the display of a series of dashboards created ad hoc that show the trend of the economic and financial situation.

The advantages offered by ViewValue are:

Ease of use: the simple insertion of accounting situations in .csv format activates the automatic calculation of the user's economic and financial situation.
Ability to access your analysis later through a custom code.
Simplicity of language: the application is expressed in an understandable Italian, free of technical terms to address the user directly with the intent to be understood.
Flexibility in acquiring data from multiple national accounting management systems.
Use of intuitive and interactive graphics with explanatory annotations.
Positioning of indicators against industry averages to understand your competitiveness.
Extensibility to the use of other modules, in Premium configuration, which complete the analysis of the company at 360┬░.